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Blood Pressure

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Biological context of Blood Pressure

  • The ischemic threshold--assessed by multiplying the heart rate by the systolic blood pressure at a 1-mm depression of the ST segment during exercise testing--increased by 19 percent after the administration of nitroglycerin (P less than 0.05) and decreased by 18 percent after the administration of ergonovine (P less than 0.01) [20].
  • The role of Smad6 in the homeostasis of the adult cardiovascular system is indicated by the development of aortic ossification and elevated blood pressure in viable mutants [21].
  • We conclude that microalbuminuria predicts the development of diabetic nephropathy and that elevated glomerular filtration rates and increased blood pressure may also contribute to this progression [22].
  • Treatment with enalapril normalized blood pressure and muscle sympathetic-nerve activity (at 23+/-10 bursts per minute) in the patients and shifted the baroreflex curve to the left, reflecting normal blood-pressure levels, without significantly changing sensitivity (-2.3+/-1.8 bursts per minute per mm Hg, P=0.96) [23].
  • To evaluate the functional importance of the altered prostacyclin production, we studied the responses of renal blood flow and blood pressure to the calcium infusion [24].

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Gene context of Blood Pressure

  • These findings demonstrate the critical role of CLCNKB in renal salt reabsorption and blood-pressure homeostasis, and demonstrate the potential role of specific CLCNKB antagonists as diuretic antihypertensive agents [35].
  • Here we report that disruption of the GC-A gene results in chronic elevations of blood pressure in mice on a normal salt diet [36].
  • The use of NEP antagonists as candidate drugs in cardiovascular disease is suggested by the blood pressure data reported herein [37].
  • Furthermore, P2rx4(-/-) mice have higher blood pressure and excrete smaller amounts of NO products in their urine than do wild-type mice [38].
  • Protocol violations were reported for 127 patients (32.6%), and included treatment with tPA more than 3 hours after symptom onset in 13.4%, treatment with anticoagulants within 24 hours of tPA administration in 9.3%, and tPA administration despite systolic blood pressure exceeding 185 mm Hg in 6.7% [39].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Blood Pressure


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