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Alternative sites of transcription initiation upstream of the canonical cap site in human gamma-globin and beta-globin genes.

Using S1 mapping and primer extension analysis, we have identified a number of human kappa-globin and beta-globin 5' RNA termini originating in the 200 bp upstream of the canonical mRNA cap sites. Upstream initiation sites have previously been reported for the human epsilon-globin gene (4,5) and the present work indicates that this is a general feature of the human beta-type globin genes. We have attempted to identify features common to such sites between the three genes. One site 170 bp upstream of the major beta-globin cap site and a site 1400 bp upstream of the major epsilon-globin cap site are located near putative PolIII promoter sequences and may therefore be transcribed by this enzyme. Alternative initiation sites located 200 bp and 50-100 bp upstream of the epsilon-globin and kappa-globin cap sites respectively are located within S1 hypersensitive regions of chromatin.[1]


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