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The absence of testicular atrophy and in vivo and in vitro effects on hepatocyte morphology and peroxisomal enzyme activities in male rats following the administration of several alkanols.

Previous studies have shown that ethylhexanol (2-EH) and its oxidation products, but not n-hexanol, produce hepatomegaly, peroxisomal proliferation and hypotriglyceridaemia. In the present studies we have confirmed that at 1 mmol/kg doses, neither the linear nor branched chain alcohols induce testicular atrophy, hepatomegaly, peroxisome proliferation or hypolipidaemia. In vivo, neither the free alcohols nor their metabolic products seem to be responsible for the activity of the parent plasticiser. The released monoesters are probably the more potent metabolic products responsible for the hepatomegaly, peroxisomal proliferation and hypolipidaemia. This contention is supported by the in vitro hepatocyte data which demonstrate the induction of peroxisomal oxidative enzymes by MEHP whereas the alcohols were without effects.[1]


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