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Myosin heavy chains from two different adult fast-twitch muscles have different peptide maps but identical mRNAs.

Myosin heavy chains prepared from the pectoralis major and from the posterior latissimus dorsi of the same adult chicken exhibit different peptide maps when cleaved with Staphylococcus aureus V8 protease. These differences were observed at five different enzyme concentrations and in chickens of various strains. The cleavage pattern of pectoralis major myosin heavy chain from different adult chickens was always identical, as was that of posterior latissimus dorsi myosin heavy chain, demonstrating the reproducibility of the technique. However, when RNAs extracted from the pectoralis major and from the posterior latissimus dorsi were translated in a cell-free reticulocyte lysate, the myosin heavy chain encoded by pectoralis major RNA and the myosin heavy chain encoded by posterior latissimus dorsi RNA exhibited identical peptide maps. These results suggest that the different peptide maps of myosin heavy chains from the pectoralis major and posterior latissimus dorsi may arise from posttranslational modifications.[1]


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