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Oral contraceptives and their influence on porphyrin concentrations in erythrocytes and urine.

In 15 females who have never before taken oral contraceptives, the porphyrin concentration in erythrocytes and in urine were investigated. The laboratory assays were performed before and after being on the oral contraceptive Stediril during 5 months (2 women took Stediril during only 3 months). The mean PP concentration in the erythrocytes increased from 16.4 microgram (before) to 24.1 microgram/100 ml of erythrocytes after taking Stediril regularly for 5 months. A statistical evaluation with the Student's test showed that at the level of 2%, the t(exp) = 2.58 was larger than the theoretical t(0.02) = 2.47. The difference of the mean CP concentration in the erythrocytes before and after taking Stediril was not statistically significant at the level of 5%. The mean concentration of CP in urine increased from 119.2 to 137.1 microgram in 1,000 ml. This difference was, however, not statistically significant at the level of 5% when assayed with the same test. There was no increase in UP concentration in urine.[1]


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