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Chemical Compound Review

Anteovin     (8R,9S,10R,13S,14S,17S)-13- ethyl-17...

Synonyms: Trigynon, Eugynon, Gravistat, Rigevidon, Sequostat, ...
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Disease relevance of Rigevidon


Psychiatry related information on Rigevidon


High impact information on Rigevidon

  • Neogynon users' performances on the Color Words Test (a measure of automatization ability) worsened and their anger, vigor and tension scores had decreased to a greater extent than was the case for members of the other groups [7].
  • FVII activity increased in both groups, achieving statistical significance (P less than 0.01) by cycle 6 in the SHD 415G group but not in the females receiving Logynon [8].
  • Ethinyl estradiol-desogestrel increased the concentration (+175%) and binding capacity (+330%) of sex hormone-binding globulin to a much greater extent than with ethinyl estradiol-levonorgestrel (+92% and +160%) [9].
  • The influence of Microgynon and Diane-35, two sub-fifty ovulation inhibitors, on voice function in women [10].
  • The pharmacokinetics of levonorgestrel (LNG) and ethinylestradiol (EE2) were determined in 9 healthy women (age 23 to 42 years), during a treatment period of three months with a low-dose oral contraceptive, containing 0.15 mg LNG together with 0.03 mg EE2 (Microgynon) [11].

Biological context of Rigevidon


Anatomical context of Rigevidon


Associations of Rigevidon with other chemical compounds

  • Lipoprotein fractions showed favourable changes in Triquilar and Marvelon users with significant rise in HDL fractions at 6 and 12 months; Microgynon 30 users had equivocal changes in HDL fractions [21].
  • Apolipoprotein A-II levels increased during Ministat treatment from 50.4 to 61.4 mg/dL and during Stediril-d 150/30 treatment from 52.7 to 58.9 mg/dL (both P less than 0.001) [22].
  • The possibility of escape ovulation in women using a fluoroquinolone ofloxacin for antibacterial treatment at a dose of 200 mg twice daily for 7 days when taking a combined oral contraceptive (Microgynon, 150 micrograms levonorgestrel and 30 micrograms ethinyl estradiol) was studied in 20 women [23].
  • The efficacy, cycle-control and tolerance of Microgynon-30, a widely prescribed levonorgestrel containing oral contraceptive, and Femodene, a new oral-contraceptive containing gestodene, were compared in a randomised, double-blind study involving 456 healthy women over a 6 month period [5].

Gene context of Rigevidon


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Rigevidon


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