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Residual visual capacities in a case of cortical blindness.

A case of cortical blindness resulting from a dense ischemic lesion of both calcarine cortices (as seen on CAT Scan) was studied up till the seventh month after the initial stroke. By using mainly forced-choice procedures, similar to those previously used for testing hemianopic subjects, we were able to demonstrate the reappearance of some visual capacities, even though the patient still behaved as if completely blind in everyday life and the lesion remained as it was first seen. First, an ability to detect moving stimuli reappeared then bright flashes could be detected. At last, the patient could localize flickering spots approximately, by pointing with his hand, despite the fact that he did not really see them. As was hypothesized in cases of unilateral occipital lesions, such residual vision would likely to be subserved by extrageniculostriate pathways.[1]


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