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Blindness, Cortical

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Disease relevance of Blindness, Cortical


Psychiatry related information on Blindness, Cortical


High impact information on Blindness, Cortical

  • The most consistent regional alterations were found in the parieto-occipital cortex (9 cases), the frontier between vertebral and carotid arterial territories, followed by the frontomesial junction (5 cases), the striatum (3 cases with dystonia), thalamus (2 cases), and visual cortex (2 cases with cortical blindness) [9].
  • The diffusion weighted MR findings at the acute phase of a neurological event in MELAS are described and the pathophysiology of stroke-like lesion in the light of diffusion changes is discussed.Brain MRI was performed 2 days after the sudden onset of cortical blindness in a 25 year old patient with MELAS [10].
  • Cortical blindness and seizures following cisplatin treatment: both of epileptic origin [11]?
  • On day +19 she developed cortical blindness, headache and convulsions which were associated with white matter changes on MRI scanning of the head and elevated cyclosporin A levels [12].
  • The wounding of Alexander the Great in Cyropolis (329 BC): the first reported case of the syndrome of transient cortical blindness [13]?

Chemical compound and disease context of Blindness, Cortical


Biological context of Blindness, Cortical

  • Visual evoked potentials (VEPs) and visual evoked spectrum array (VESA) to flashes and pattern-reversal were correlated with regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) or local cerebral glucose metabolism in 4 hemianopsic patients and one subject with cortical blindness [18].

Anatomical context of Blindness, Cortical


Gene context of Blindness, Cortical

  • The probands have the following features in common; normal early development, short stature, deterioration of intellectual ability, convulsions, cardiac conduction defect, sensorineural hearing loss, cortical blindness, and hemiparesis [24].
  • Cells in the CSF from a patient with SLE who developed transient cortical blindness with denial of visual loss (Anton's syndrome) were subjected to detailed morphologic classification [25].
  • A case of cortical blindness resulting from a dense ischemic lesion of both calcarine cortices (as seen on CAT Scan) was studied up till the seventh month after the initial stroke [26].
  • Injuries to the visual cortex in adult humans can produce blindness, referred to as "cortical blindness". In children some degree of visual recovery has been noted in comparable injuries and for that reason the term "cortical visual impairment" has been suggested as a more appropriate diagnosis in children [27].
  • Reversible cortical blindness as a complication of rheumatoid arthritis of the cervical spine [28].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Blindness, Cortical


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