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Effects of DL-alpha-amino adipic acid on Müller cells in frog and chicken retinae in vivo: relation to ERG b wave, ganglion cell discharge and tectal evoked potentials.

In both frog and chicken, an intravitreal injection of DL-alpha-amino-adipic acid, (DL-alpha aaa) provoked a progressive depression and eventually the disappearance of the ERG b wave that was concomitant with severe damage to the Müller cells without any apparent damage to retinal neurons. Ganglion cell discharges as well as tectal evoked potentials were still recorded, i.e. a visual message was still generated in the retina and transmitted to the optic tectum, when the Müller cells had been damaged to as to provoke an abolition of the ERG b-wave. The whole of the drug-induced effects proved to be reversible.[1]


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