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Identification of a member of mouse semaphorin family.

Grasshopper semaphorin I (Sema I) and its related proteins, chick collapsin and mouse Sema III contribute to the axon guidance by their repellent actions [5,9,12]. We have identified a member of semaphorin gene family from the mouse brain and named it M-Sema F. The N-terminal encodes a semaphorin domain that is similar between Sema I-III [6] followed by a single putative immunoglobulin-like domain, a transmembrane domain, and a proline-rich intracellular domain. M-Sema F mRNA is expressed widely in the nervous tissues during development. These suggest that M-Sema F is a transmembrane member of the semaphorin family of the vertebrate which may function in the developing neuronal network.[1]


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