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The Drosophila SR protein RBP1 contributes to the regulation of doublesex alternative splicing by recognizing RBP1 RNA target sequences.

The SR proteins represent a family of splicing factors several of which have been implicated in the regulation of sex-specific alternative splicing of doublesex ( dsx) pre-mRNA in Drosophila. The dsx gene is involved in Drosophila sex determination. We have identified two RNA target sequence motifs recognized by the SR protein RBP1 from Drosophila using an in vitro selection approach. Several copies of these RBP1 target sequences were found within two regions of the dsx pre-mRNA which are important for the regulation of dsx alternative splicing, the repeat region and the purine-rich polypyrimidine tract of the regulated female-specific 3' splice site. We show that RBP1 target sequences within the dsx repeat region are required for the efficient splicing of dsx pre-mRNA. Moreover, our studies reveal that RBP1 contributes to the activation of female-specific dsx splicing in vivo by recognizing the RBP1 target sequences within the purine-rich polypyrimidine tract of the female-specific 3' splice site.[1]


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