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Biological reduction of aromatic nitroso compounds: evidence for the involvement of superoxide anions.

The in vitro formation of phenylhydronitroxide and 2-methylphenylhydronitroxide free radicals from nitrosobenzene (NB) and 2-nitrosotoluene (NT), respectively, in either red blood cells (RBC) or RBC hemolysates, was confirmed by electron spin resonance spectroscopy (ESR). Free radicals were generated nonenzymatically from reaction of the respective nitroso compounds with a number of biological reducing agents as corroborated by model studies of NB or NT with NAD(P)H. Under aerobic conditions, phenylhydronitroxide and 2-methylphenylhydronitroxide underwent a subsequent one-electron transfer to oxygen, which then resulted in the formation of superoxide anion (O2-). The latter product was confirmed by the superoxide dismutase (SOD)-inhibitable reduction of cytochrome c (cyt c). Apparently, oxygen is needed for continuous formation of the hydronitroxide radical derivatives. On the other hand, under anaerobic conditions, no phenylhydronitroxide radical was generated from NB in the presence of NADH, but the formation of phenylhydroxylamine from NB was detected by the absorption spectrometry. These results suggest that oxygen is a preferential electron acceptor for hydronitroxide radical derivatives.[1]


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