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Role of P-glycoprotein in dolastatin 10 resistance.

Dolastatin 10, a cytotoxic pentapeptide isolated from the mollusk Dolabella auricularia, exhibits potent antitumor activity. The present studies demonstrated that sublines of murine PC4 and human U-937 leukemia cells expressing a multidrug resistance (MDR) phenotype are cross-resistant to this agent. We also demonstrated that such resistance was reversed by verapamil. While these findings suggested the involvement of the P-glycoprotein ( P-gp) in dolastatin 10 resistance, we performed similar studies in a CHO cell line transfected with the human mdr1 cDNA. Expression of P-gp in the transfected cells was associated with resistance to dolastatin 10 by a verapamil-sensitive mechanism. The demonstration that photoaffinity labeling of P-gp was decreased in the presence of dolastatin 10 further supports the interaction of this cytotoxic peptide with P-gp. Taken together, these findings suggest that resistance to dolastatin 10 is conferred, at least in part, by P-gp and that this cytotoxic peptide is a novel member of the MDR phenotype.[1]


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