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Role of cytochrome P4502D6 in the metabolism of brofaromine. A new selective MAO-A inhibitor.

The metabolic fate of brofaromine (CGP 11 305 A), a new, reversible, selective MAO-A inhibitor, has been assessed in poor (PM) and extensive (EM) metabolizers of debrisoquine. Compared to EM, PM had significantly longer t1/2 (136%) and larger AUC(0-infinity) (110%) of the parent compound brofaromine and a lower Cmax (69%) and AUC (0-72 h) (40%) of its O-desmethyl metabolite. The mean metabolite/substrate ratio (based on urine excretion) was about 6-times greater in EM than in PM. Treatment with quinidine converted all EM into phenocopies of PM. All pharmacokinetic parameters of brofaromine and O-desmethyl-brofaromine in EM treated with quinidine were similar to those of untreated PM, including the metabolite/substrate ratio. Quinidine treatment of PM did not alter the pharmacokinetics of brofaromine or of its metabolite, nor the metabolite/substrate ratio. The results indicate a role for the debrisoquine type of oxidation polymorphism in the O-demethylation and pharmacokinetics of brofaromine.[1]


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