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High expression of cytochrome P450 2a-5 (coumarin 7-hydroxylase) in mouse hepatomas.

A high level of Cyp2a-5 was found in spontaneous and transplanted mouse hepatomas compared with normal liver. Increased expression of Cyp2a-5 was associated with an increase in coumarin 7-hydroxylation, a marker activity of Cyp2a-5, and the corresponding mRNA, suggesting that regulation of Cyp2a-5 in hepatomas is pretranslational. In contrast, the total P450 content and arylhydrocarbon hydroxylase and amidopyrene demethylase activities decreased. Pyrazole, a strong inducer of Cyp2a-5 in normal mouse livers, also increases this isozyme in hepatomas. A parallel increase in the corresponding mRNA suggests that pyrazole, like the formation of hepatomas, affects the regulation of Cyp2a-5 pretranslationally.[1]


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