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Escherichia coli cell division protein FtsZ is a guanine nucleotide binding protein.

FtsZ is an essential cell division protein in Escherichia coli that forms a ring structure at the division site under cell cycle control. The dynamic nature of the FtsZ ring suggests possible similarities to eukaryotic filament forming proteins such as tubulin. In this study we have determined that FtsZ is a GTP/GDP binding protein with GTPase activity. A short segment of FtsZ is homologous to a segment in tubulin believed to be involved in the interaction between tubulin and guanine nucleotides. A lethal ftsZ mutation, ftsZ3 (Rsa), that leads to an amino acid alteration in this homologous segment decreased GTP binding and hydrolysis, suggesting that interaction with GTP is essential for ftsZ function.[1]


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