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NUP2, a novel yeast nucleoporin, has functional overlap with other proteins of the nuclear pore complex.

We have isolated a new gene, NUP2, that encodes a constituent of the yeast-nuclear pore complex (NPC). The NUP2 protein sequence shares a central repetitive domain with NSP1 and NUP1, the two previously characterized yeast nucleoporins. Like NUP1 and NSP1, NUP2 localizes to discrete spots in the nuclear envelope, as determined by indirect immunofluorescence. Although the sequence similarity among these three nucleoporins suggests that they have a similar role in the nuclear pore complex, NUP2, in contrast to NSP1 and NUP1, is not required for growth. Some combinations of mutant alleles of NUP1, NSP1, and NUP2 display "synthetic lethal" relationships that provide evidence for functional interaction between these NPC components. This genetic evidence of overlapping function suggests that the nucleoporins act in concert, perhaps participating in the same step of the recognition or transit of macromolecules through the NPC.[1]


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