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Yeast mutants affected in viability upon starvation have a modified phospholipid composition.

Selection of mutations, based on the suppression of rvs161 delta defects, was performed. Ten mutants were obtained, ranged amongst four complementation groups, named SUR1, SUR2, SUR3 and SUR4. All sur mutations also suppress a mutation in another gene, RVS167, indicating that all six genes are involved in the same biological pathway. The sur mutant cells have abnormal morphologies in stationary phase, i.e. dumbbell-like in sur1, sur2 or sur3 strains and multi-budded in sur4 strains. Several phenotypic characteristics of the physiological suppressors as well as the rvs161 delta strain itself led us to analyse the phospholipid composition of the mutants. The assays show an overall decrease of the phospholipid amounts and modifications in the relative contents of some phospholipid classes in sur mutant cells.[1]


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