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Neuropsychological characteristics of parkinsonian patients with lateralized motor impairment.

Parkinsonians with predominantly unilateral signs provide an interesting experimental means to evaluate if asymmetric nigro-striatal degeneration may affect neuropsychological functions. The aim of our study was to establish if the side of onset of idiopathic Parkinson's disease, right ( PDR) or left (PDL), determines a selective pattern of cognitive performances. Furthermore, we verified if PDR and PDL groups show a different frequency of dementia. PDR and PDL patients with at least seven years of disease duration, matched for age, schooling, severity of extrapyramidal symptomatology and index of lateralization, were evaluated by using an extensive neuropsychological battery aimed at assessing hemispheric cognitive asymmetries. Current side of greater motor impairment was the same as the one affected at the onset of the disease. Only subtle differences in the profile of neuropsychological dysfunction emerged from the comparison of PDR and PDL subjects. Moreover, the number of parkinsonians showing dementia syndrome was the same in both groups. Our results suggest that the side of onset of motor impairment does not significantly influence the cognitive performances in PD. Subcortical anatomic and/or functional asymmetries seem to play a less important role in the intellectual functions than in motor activities.[1]


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