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Modulation of K+ channel currents by serum amineoxidase in neurons.

The influence of bovine serum amineoxidase ( SAO), a circulating copper-enzyme, on neuronal K+ channels is described. Bovine SAO enhanced K+ channel currents in N1E-115 neuroblastoma cells in a time-dependent manner. Unlike ceruloplasmin (another copper-protein, shown as depolarizing factor in neurons), SAO had no effect on resting potential of neurons. However, pretreatment of cells with SAO inhibited ceruloplasmin-induced membrane depolarization. Although ceruloplasmin alone inhibited K+ channel currents, it further enhanced K+ channel currents in the presence of SAO. Therefore, SAO may be another endogenous modulator of neuronal K+ channels with effect and mechanisms different from those of ceruloplasmin.[1]


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