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Dissecting clot retraction and platelet aggregation. Clot retraction does not require an intact fibrinogen gamma chain C terminus.

Fibrinogen mediates the processes of platelet aggregation and clot retraction. Previous studies have demonstrated that fibrinogen binding to the platelet receptor alphaIIbbeta3 requires the C-terminal residues of the fibrinogen gamma chain. We made a recombinant human fibrinogen that lacks the gamma chain C-terminal four residues (AGDV). As expected this fibrinogen did not support platelet aggregation. Unexpectedly, this variant did support clot retraction that was indistinguishable from retraction with normal recombinant or plasma fibrinogen. These results suggest that the site on fibrinogen that is required for platelet aggregation differs from the site on fibrin that is required for clot retraction.[1]


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