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Simple production of [1-carbon-11]acetate.

We report an attractive approach for the preparation of [1-11C]acetate. METHODS: The procedure involved the instantaneous hydrolysis of [1-11C]acetyl chloride back to [1-11C]acetic acid by simply trapping the volatile acid chloride in physiological saline. This delivered [1-11C]acetate immediately in pharmaceutical quality. RESULTS: An easy and quantitative gas phase separation of the radiopharmaceutical from any inorganic residue and organic contamination could be achieved. The preparation required a minimum of automation and afforded only 5 min for an amount of 15 GBq of [1-11C]acetate which was yet ready for injection. Multiple preparations could be performed within 1 day. CONCLUSION: The use of [1-11C]acetyl chloride as a precursor to [1-11C]acetate is of considerable practical importance lending itself to automation with ease and giving the target compound directly in sterile solution without the need for further care and purification.[1]


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