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Flavanone absorption after naringin, hesperidin, and citrus administration.

Disposition of citrus flavonoids was evaluated after single oral doses of pure compounds (500 mg naringin and 500 mg hesperidin) and after multiple doses of combined grapefruit juice and orange juice and of once-daily grapefruit. Cumulative urinary recovery indicated low bioavailability ( < 25%) of naringin and hesperidin. The aglycones naringenin and hesperitin were detected in urine and plasma by positive chemical ionization-collisionally activated dissociation tandem mass spectrometry ( PCI- CAD MS/MS). After juice administration, PCI- CAD MS/MS detected naringenin, hesperitin, and four related flavanones, tentatively identified as monomethoxy and dimethoxy derivatives. These methoxyflavanones appear to be absorbed from juice. Absorbed citrus flavanones may undergo glucuronidation before urinary excretion.[1]


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