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Sensitization of T-cell receptor-alpha beta+ T cells recovered from long-term T-cell receptor downmodulation.

Although the survival of fully allogeneic skin grafts was prominently prolonged by adult thymectomy in anti-T-cell receptor-alpha beta monoclonal antibody (TCR-alpha beta mAb)-treated mice compared with that of non-adult thymectomized ( ATX) mice, the skin allografts were eventually rejected. In the anti-TCR-alpha beta mAb-treated ATX mice, as shown in the present study, most of TCR-alpha beta+ cells were promptly activated on day 2 and then rapidly disappeared by day 7, but some TCR-alpha beta- Thy-1+ cells remained at that time. These TCR-alpha beta- Thy-1+ cells which have downmodulated their TCR-alpha beta expression may be refractory to depletion events by the mAb treatment. Although these downmodulated T cells re-expressed their TCR-alpha beta on day 50, they could not respond to stimuli via TCR such as TCR cross-linking or alloantigens. However, they recovered the reactivity to donor antigens on day 85. These results indicate that the downmodulated T cells by anti-TCR-alpha beta mAb treatment are long-lived and re-express their TCR-alpha beta at a late stage to be sensitized to donor antigen, which suggests that additional regimens may be required to get permanent, or very long-term, graft acceptance.[1]


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