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Expression and molecular analysis of mutations in prolidase deficiency.

Prolidase (E.C. cleaves iminodipeptides. Prolidase deficiency (PD; McKusick 170100) is an autosomal recessive disorder with highly variable penetrance. We have identified two novel alleles in the prolidase gene (PEPD) by direct sequencing of PCR-amplified cDNA from a PD individual asymptomatic at age 11 years: a 551G-->A transition in exon 8 (R184Q) and a 833G-->A transition in exon 12 (G278D). To assess the biochemical phenotypes of these and two previously identified PEPD mutations (G448R and delE452), we have designed a transient-expression system for prolidase in COS-1 cells. The enzyme was expressed as a fusion protein carrying an N-terminal tag, the HA1 epitope of influenza hemagglutinin, allowing its immunological discrimination from the endogenous enzyme with a monoclonal antibody. Expression of the R184Q mutation produced 7.4% of control enzymatic activity whereas the expression of the G278D, G448R, and delE452 mutations produced inactive enzymes. Western analysis of the R184Q, G278D, and G448R prolidases revealed stable immunoreactive material whereas the delE452 prolidase was not detectable. Pulse-chase metabolic labeling of cells followed by immunoprecipitation revealed that the delE452 mutant protein was synthesized but had an increased rate of degradation.[1]


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