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Absorption of amino penicillins from everted rat intestine.

1. Using an in vitro everted gut sac method based on that of Wilson & Wiseman (1954), a number of amino penicillins were tested in order to identify the involvement of any specialized transport mechanisms in their absorption across rat intestine. 2. Only one of the amino penicillins, cyclacillin (1-amino-cyclohexyl penicillin) was shown to be actively transported. The other penicillins appeared to diffuse passively across the intestine. 3. Cyclacillin was found to concentrate against a gradient at 37 degrees C but not at 19 degrees C. 4. Transport of cyclacillin across the mucosal membrane was saturated at mucosal concentrations greater than 1000 microgram/ml. 5. The rate of the forward flux of cyclacillin was many times that of its back flux. 6. No relationship between the active transport of cyclacillin and that of amino acids could be demonstrated.[1]


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