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Characterization of the spliced pol transcript of feline foamy virus: the splice acceptor site of the pol transcript is located in gag of foamy viruses.

Foamy viruses, or spumaviruses, are distinct members of the Retroviridae. Here we have characterized the long terminal repeat of the feline, or cat, foamy virus by determining the locations of the transcriptional start site and the poly(A) addition site. The splice donor and splice acceptor sites of the subgenomic mRNA responsible for Pro-Pol protein expression were identified by nucleotide sequencing of the corresponding cDNAs. The leader exon of the feline foamy virus is 57 nucleotides long. The splice acceptor of the subgenomic pol mRNA was found to be located in gag. The location of the splice acceptor of the human foamy virus pol mRNA was confirmed to map in gag. The pol splice acceptor site in gag of the cat foamy virus is located further downstream than that of human foamy virus.[1]


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