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Polymorphisms of factor V, factor VII, and fibrinogen genes. Relevance to severity of coronary artery disease.

We explored the associations between G-->A mutations of factor V and factor VII genes and the Hae III polymorphism of the fibrinogen gene and the severity of coronary artery disease (CAD), as assessed angiographically in 545 white Australian patients (388 male and 157 female) aged < or = 65 years. We also assessed the relations with other potentially atherogenic variables. Elevated fibrinogen levels were associated with more severe CAD (P < .05), but none of the factor V, factor VII, and fibrinogen DNA variants were predictive of CAD severity, as assessed by the number of significantly diseased vessels (> 50% luminal obstruction). The rare allele frequencies of factor V (A allele), factor VII (M2 allele), and fibrinogen (H2 allele) were .025, .114, and .201 for men and .022, .077, and .169 for women, respectively, and were not different from those in healthy whites. In the patient population, there was a strong, positive association between lifetime smoking dose (in pack-years) and circulating fibrinogen levels (r = .184, P = .001). This association was stronger than that between current smoking habit and fibrinogen and is consistent with a dosage effect. However, there was no significant contribution of fibrinogen genotype to fibrinogen levels in this patient population. We conclude that elevated fibrinogen levels are associated not only with the occurrence of CAD but also with more severe CAD and that measurement of DNA variants of the factor V, factor VII, and fibrinogen genes that we assessed may not provide information in predicting CAD severity in addition to that obtained by measuring circulating levels of the relevant clotting factors. There is, moreover, a positive dosage effect (in pack-years) of smoking on circulating fibrinogen levels.[1]


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