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Dural inversion procedure for moyamoya disease. Technical note.

A variety of surgical procedures have been proposed for the treatment of moyamoya disease, but few have used the potential of the middle meningeal artery to any great extent. During the period of spontaneous collateral formation, patients with this disease are at risk for the development of transient ischemic attacks and strokes. Surgical treatments aimed at increasing collateral flow to the brain from the external carotid system have included both direct and indirect anastomotic methods. In this report, the authors describe a technique that used the middle meningeal artery circulation as a source of collateral blood supply by inverting dural flaps that are located on a large meningeal vessel, allowing the richly vascularized outer dural surface to contact a large surface area of the ischemic cortex. An extensive degree of revascularization was observed.[1]


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