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Novel cyclic peptide agonist of high potency and selectivity for the type II vasoactive intestinal peptide receptor.

Ro 25-1392 [Ac-Glu8,OCH3-Tyr10,Lys12,Nle17,Ala19,A sp25,Leu26,-Lys27,28-vasoactive intestinal peptide(cyclo 21-25)] is a cyclic peptide analog of vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) that potently exerts cellular effects typical of VIP. The selectivity of Ro 25-1392 for type I (VIPR1) and type II (VIPR2) VIP receptors was investigated first in competitive binding studies using Chinese hamster ovary cell transfectants stably expressing recombinant human VIPR1 and VIPR2. Nonradioactive Ro 25-1392 was as potent a competitive inhibitor as VIP for the binding of 125I-VIP to VIPR2 transfectants (Ki = 9.6 +/- 1.0 and 16 +/- 1.7 nM, respectively; mean +/- S.E.M., n = 4). In contrast, Ro 25-1392 had a very low affinity for VIPR1, compared with VIP, and attained a maximum of only 40% mean inhibition of binding of 125I-VIP at 1 microM. The affinity of VIP (Ki = 3.4 +/- 1.5 nM, mean +/- S.E.M., n = 4) for binding to VIPR1 was 1000-fold greater than that of Ro 25-1392. Ro 25-1392 evoked concurrent and concentration-dependent increases in intracellular levels of calcium and cyclic AMP (EC50 = 3.0 +/- 0.4 nM, mean +/- S.E.M., n = 4) in VIPR2 transfectants, but not in VIPR1 transfectants. The VIP receptor specificity of Ro 25-1392 was confirmed by preincubation of Chinese hamster ovary transfectants with 0.1 microM Ro 25-1392 for 18 hr at 37 degrees C, to down-regulate each type of VIP receptor. Pretreatment of VIPR2 transfectants with Ro 25-1392 decreased Bmax by a mean of 58% and VIP-induced increases in the intracellular concentration of cyclic AMP by a mean of 65%. In contrast, there was no significant change in VIPR1 transfectants after pretreatment with Ro 25-1392. Ro 25-1392 thus is selectively recognized by VIPR2, with consequent initiation of cyclic AMP and Ca+2 signals and down-regulation of VIPR2. This potent analog of VIP may prove useful for investigations of VIPR2- mediated physiological effects of VIP and exploration of the roles of VIPR2 in diseases.[1]


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