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Effect of urine-derived compounds on cAMP accumulation in mouse vomeronasal cells.

Urine-derived compounds from the male mouse altered the levels of the second messenger molecule cAMP differentially in female mouse vomeronasal (VN) cells when compared with olfactory cilia. cAMP levels in VN cells increased after exposure to forskolin and GTP-gamma-S, while the levels decreased after exposure to the urine-derived compounds, dehydro-exo-brevicomin (DHB) and 2-(sec-butyl)-4, 5-dihydrothiazole (SBT), in a dose-dependent manner. The general odorant citronellal did not alter cAMP levels. In contrast DHB, SBT and citronellal increased cAMP levels in olfactory cilia. We concluded that urine-derived compounds exert a differential effect on cAMP accumulation in mammalian VN and olfactory receptor neurons.[1]


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