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SOCS-1/JAB/SSI-1 can bind to and suppress Tec protein-tyrosine kinase.

Tec is the prototype of a recently emerging subfamily among nonreceptor type protein-tyrosine kinases and is known to become tyrosine-phosphorylated and activated by a wide range of cytokine stimulations in hematopoietic cells. Although Tec was recently shown to be involved in the cytokine-driven activation mechanism of c-fos transcription, it is yet obscure how Tec relays the signals from cell surface receptors to the nucleus. To identify signaling molecules acting downstream of Tec, we have looked for Tec-interacting proteins (TIPs) by using the yeast two-hybrid system. Here we report the identification and characterization of a novel protein, TIP3, which has been simultaneously identified by other groups as SOCS-1, JAB, or SSI-1. TIP3 carries one Src homology 2 domain with a sequence similarity to that of CIS. In 293 cells, TIP3 associates with Tec and suppresses its kinase activity. Interestingly, TIP3 can also down-regulate the activity of Jak2 but not that of Lyn. We propose that SOCS-1/JAB/SSI-1/TIP3 is a novel type of negative regulator to a subset of protein-tyrosine kinases.[1]


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