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An alanine to proline mutation in the 1A rod domain of the keratin 10 chain in epidermolytic hyperkeratosis.

We report a mutation in a case of epidermolytic hyperkeratosis that results in a proline for alanine substitution in the residue position 12 of the 1A subdomain of the keratin 10 chain (codon 158). The disease phenotype is consistent with the inappropriate substitution of a proline near the beginning of the rod domain, because it is likely to seriously disrupt the structural organization of coiled-coil molecules within keratin intermediate filaments. Mutations/substitutions in this position have not been reported in any keratin disease. Position 12 is an alanine in all intermediate filament chains, and lies in the outer b heptad position of the coiled-coil. In vitro peptide interference assembly assays revealed that substitutions that alter residue size or charge at this position primarily interfere with keratin filament elongation.[1]


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