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Visual motion perception after brain damage: II. Deficits in form-from-motion perception.

We investigated form-from-motion perception ( FFM perception) in a sample of 39 patients with acquired brain damage. Pronounced FFM deficits were found in two patients (FM1 and FM2) with biparietal lesions. Both patients were able to identify the relevant figure, when it was not embedded in obstructive texture. Moreover, they could localize the figures in the FFM condition, although they could not reliably identify them. The two patients had normal motion coherence thresholds. Their performance in a static figure-ground task did not differ from that of other patients. These findings imply that the FFM deficits are not caused by impairment of basic visual motion or form perception but are the consequence of damage to a parietal brain structure involved in the combined analysis of visual motion and form information. The nature and functional role of this brain structure as well as the implications of our results for models of FFM perception are discussed.[1]


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