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Form Perception

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Disease relevance of Form Perception


High impact information on Form Perception

  • These findings imply that the FFM deficits are not caused by impairment of basic visual motion or form perception but are the consequence of damage to a parietal brain structure involved in the combined analysis of visual motion and form information [2].
  • Using Glass patterns [Nature 223 (1969) 578; Nature 246 (1973) 360; Perception 5 (1976) 67], we have studied the role of contrast differences in local and global processes of form perception [3].
  • Homologous properties of the motion BCS and the static BCS, specialized to process motion directions and static orientations, respectively, support a unified explanation of many data about static form perception and motion form perception that have heretofore been unexplained or treated separately [4].
  • Compared with controls, subjects with focal dystonia did significantly worse on graphesthesia and manual form perception (part 1 and part 2) [5].
  • Form perception at birth: Cohen and Younger (1984) revisited [6].

Chemical compound and disease context of Form Perception

  • To study the mechanisms underlying this global form perception, concentric, radial, hyperbolic, and parallel Glass patterns were constructed [7].

Gene context of Form Perception

  • The Physiognomic Form Perception Test (RFPT), developed for the purpose and found reliable, was administered to 19 normal and 19 schizophrenic Sc [8].
  • Fifty-one normal men and women with a mean age of 26 years were administered the Kinesthesia, Manual Form Perception, Finger Indentification, Graphesthesia, Localization of Tactile Stimuli, and Double Tactile Stimuli Tests in the order in which they were standardized [9].


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