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Isolation and characterization of secretions from the plant-parasitic nematode Globodera pallida.

Electrophoresis of secretions collected from Globodera pallida revealed a smeared region between 25 and 50 kDa, and a single band of < 20 kDa. The secretions were used to raise an antiserum (LW1). Immunoblotting of parasite homogenates with LW1 differentiated G. pallida from its sibling species G. rostochiensis and revealed differences between different populations of G. pallida and G. rostochiensis. Indirect immunofluorescence studies with LW1 indicated that at least some of the secretions were surface localized and that antibody binding to the nematode surface was periodate sensitive. Periodate sensitivity indicated that these differences could be due to glycosylation differences. Glycosylation differences were also detected by blotting nematode homogenates with the lectin wheat germ agglutinin (WGA), WGA was also able to differentiate between G. rostochiensis which gave 2 bands at 130 kDa and 110 kDa, and G. pallida which produced 2 bands present at 120 kDa and 110 kDa. Further localization studies using immunoelectron microscopy demonstrated that antibody binding could be seen to secretions found in the pump chamber of the metacorpal bulb at the base of the stylet. From further specimens it could be observed that the contents of the subventral glands were heavily labelled, indicating that the material seen in the metacorpal bulb had originated from the subventral glands.[1]


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