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Amyloid beta-protein ( A beta) associated with lipid molecules: immunoreactivity distinct from that of soluble A beta.

We previously identified a novel amyloid beta-protein ( A beta), that binds to GM1 ganglioside, in brains exhibiting the early pathological changes of AD. In this study, we raised monoclonal antibodies, using membrane fractions containing abundant GM1 ganglioside-bound A beta as antigens. Monoclonal antibody 4396, produced in this study, immunoprecipitates A beta42 in the membrane fractions of brains with diffuse plaques, but does not react with soluble A beta42 or GM1 ganglioside. Furthermore, this antibody recognizes the A beta bound to lipid vesicles containing GM1 ganglioside, and unexpectedly, phosphatidylinositol. In contrast, a control anti-A beta monoclonal antibody does not recognize the A beta bound to these lipid vesicles. These results indicate that A beta associated with lipids has an immunoreactivity distinct from that of soluble A.[1]


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