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Pharmacokinetics of the transdermal reservoir membrane system delivering beta-estradiol: in vitro/in vivo-correlation.

PURPOSE: The aim of our study was to investigate the high fluctuations of Estradiol (E2) plasma levels transdermally delivered in postmenopausal women by a commercially available membrane controlled reservoir system (MCRS). METHODS: The transdermal E2 flux either out of a complete MCRS or across its membrane out of defined ethanol water mixtures was determined, as well as E2 plasma profiles in 6 postmenopausal women produced by a MCRS. RESULTS: The transdermal in vitro E2 flux rate out of a complete MCRS, claimed to deliver 25 microg/day, increased steadily, reaching a maximum value of 2.06 +/- 0.58 microg/h at 30 to 40 hours and decreased to a rate of about 0.5 microg/h from 60 to 90 hours. No statistically significant differences between plasma profiles calculated from the in vitro investigation and derived from a clinical study could be identified. The E2 flux in defined ethanol/water mixtures across MCRS-membrane, adhesive and skin layer increased with increasing ethanol concentrations up to a maximum of 227 +/- 34 ng/cm2/h at an ethanol concentration of 62.5% (V/V) and decreased with further increase in the volume fraction of ethanol. CONCLUSIONS: In vitro as well as in vivo investigations showed high fluctuation of E2 plasma profiles in postmenopausal women produced by the MCRS. These fluctuations are caused by a non-constant input rate of E2 which may be due to changing ethanol concentrations in the reservoir of the MCRS.[1]


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