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A novel mutation in intron K of the PROS1 gene causes aberrant RNA splicing and is a common cause of protein S deficiency in a UK thrombophilia cohort.

In the course of investigating the molecular basis of protein S deficiency in 31 index cases with thrombophilia, we identified seven kindred where the underlying defect was a novel A to G transition 9 bp upstream of exon 12 in intron K of the PROS1 gene. In all but one case, the mutation caused type I deficiency. One individual had type III deficiency. While ectopic transcript analysis using the BstXI dimorphism in exon 15 failed to detect a transcript from the mutated allele, analysis of transcripts spanning exons 11 and 12 revealed a minor mRNA species. Sequencing confirmed the mutation created a new RNA acceptor site introducing 8 nucleotides of intronic sequence into the mature mRNA. Haplotype analysis of the defective PROS1 alleles in six families revealed the same haplotype in all affected individuals suggesting the presence of a common ancestor. Six of the fourteen relatives with the mutation experienced at least one venous thrombotic event strongly supporting the association of the mutation with venous thrombosis.[1]


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