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SPC72: a spindle pole component required for spindle orientation in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

The monoclonal antibody 78H6 recognises an 85 kDa component of the yeast spindle pole body. Here we identify and characterise this component as Spc72p, the product of YAL047C. The sequence of SPC72 contains potential coiled-coil domains; its overexpression induced formation of large polymers that were strictly localised at the outer plaque and at the bridge of the spindle pole body. Immunoelectron microscopy confirmed that Spc72p was a component of these polymers. SPC72 was found to be non-essential for cell growth, but its deletion resulted in abnormal spindle positioning, aberrant nuclear migration and defective mating capability. Precisely, deletion of SPC72 resulted in a decreased number of astral microtubules: early in the cell cycle only few were detectable, and these were unattached to the spindle pole body in small-budded cells. Later in the cell cycle few, if any, remained, and they were unable to align the spindle properly. We conclude that Spc72p is not absolutely required for nucleation per se, but is needed for normal abundance and stability of astral microtubules.[1]


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