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A new mutation in the POU3F4 gene in a Japanese family with X-linked mixed deafness (DFN3).

OBJECTIVE: The molecular defect in patients with X-linked mixed deafness showing a perilymphatic gusher at stapedectomy (DFN3) has been attributed to mutations in the POU3F4 gene. This study aimed to clarify an allelic variant of this gene. STUDY DESIGN: This was a genetic study of a single Japanese family with DFN3. METHODS: Products of a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) were subjected to single-strand conformation polymorphism (SSCP) analysis. Direct sequencing of PCR products from patients and carriers showing SSCP variants was performed using the fluorescent dideoxy termination method and a sequencer. RESULTS: Sequencing of the PCR product revealed a 6-base deletion (TTCAAA) at nucleotides 601 to 606, resulting in a two-amino-acid deletion in the POU3F4 protein, (phenylalanine and lysine at amino acid residues 201 and 202). The deletion was adjacent to the site of a nonsense mutation previously described. CONCLUSION: Microdeletions at a previously undescribed location account for some clinically important POU3F4 mutations.[1]


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