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Quinine hydrochloride treatment delays xenoma formation and dissolution in rainbow trout challenged with Loma salmonae.

An experiment was designed to study the effect of dietary quinine hydrochloride (61 mg/kg of fish/day), on the rate of xenoma formation in the gills of Loma salmonae-infected juvenile rainbow trout maintained at a water temperature of 15 degrees C. Almost all (90.9%) control fish had developed xenomas by week 6 post-exposure (PE), but significantly fewer (18.2%) of the medicated fish were similarly affected (P < 0.0001). By week 8 PE, 100% of control fish had xenomas, but only 57.5% of quinine-treated had xenomas (P < 0.0001). However, by week 9 there was no difference between treated and control fish. Xenoma dissolution and branchitis, two crucial events in the pathogenesis of L. salmonae infection in farm-reared Pacific salmon, were present at week 10 in control fish. In contrast, comparable lesions did not develop in treated fish until week 14. These findings are of potential significance for the control of L. salmonae infection in farmed salmon.[1]


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