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Oncorhynchus mykiss

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  • In both rainbow trout and mice, Northern (RNA) blot analyses have revealed the presence of a testis-specific 3-kb-long SOX-LZ mRNA, and this transcript appeared coincidentally with the protamine mRNA, suggesting its expression in the germ line [25].
  • Assay of protamine messenger RNA from rainbow trout testis [26].
  • cDNAs encoding two distinct basic helix-loop-helix/PER-ARNT-SIM (bHLH/PAS) proteins with similarity to the mammalian aryl hydrocarbon nuclear translocator (ARNT) protein were isolated from RTG-2 rainbow trout gonad cells [27].
  • We investigated the relationship between Na(+)-K(+)-ATPase and membrane microdomains or "lipid rafts" enriched in sulfatide (sulfogalactosylceramide/SGC), a glycosphingolipid implicated as a cofactor for this enzyme, in the basolateral membrane of rainbow trout gill epithelium [28].
  • We have also employed surface plasmon resonance biosensor methodology to investigate the interactions between STL2 and major egg yolk proteins from steelhead trout, lipovitellin, and beta'-component, which are known as vitellogenin digests [29].

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