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Gene Review

CHKB  -  choline kinase beta

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CHETK, CHKL, CK, CKB, CKEKB, ...
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High impact information on CHKB

  • Glutamate-dependent transcriptional regulation of the chkbp gene: signaling mechanisms [1].
  • Chkl regulation pathways, DNA MMR and p73, as well as altered apoptotic cell death involved in the cell resistance toward DNA damaging agents will be reviewed in this article [2].
  • BACKGROUND: Chkl is a checkpoint gene that is activated after DNA damage [3].
  • In HL-60 cells transfected with chk1 antisense chain, the G2/M phase arrest was attenuated and the cells in G2/M phase were accounted for 38.42%, significantly lower than those of the cells transfected with chkl sense chain (54.64%, 0.005 < P < 0.01) [4].
  • For example, the sequence of a clone for KIAA1670 indicated that the CHKL and CPT1B genes were co-transcribed as a contiguous transcript without making both the protein-coding regions fused [5].


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