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Ilonka Eisensehr

Department of Neurology

University of Munich



Name/email consistency: high



  • Department of Neurology, University of Munich, Germany. 2000 - 2004
  • Department of Neurology, Klinikum Grosshadern, Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, Marchioninistrasse 15, Germany. 2001


  1. Treatment of idiopathic restless legs syndrome (RLS) with slow-release valproic acid compared with slow-release levodopa/benserazid. Eisensehr, I., Ehrenberg, B.L., Rogge Solti, S., Noachtar, S. J. Neurol. (2004) [Pubmed]
  2. Hypersomnia associated with bilateral posterior hypothalamic lesion. A polysomnographic case study. Eisensehr, I., Noachtar, S., von Schlippenbach, C., Uttner, I., Kleine, J., Seelos, K., Helmchen, C. Eur. Neurol. (2003) [Pubmed]
  3. Alteration of the striatal dopaminergic system in human narcolepsy. Eisensehr, I., Linke, R., Tatsch, K., von Lindeiner, H., Kharraz, B., Gildehaus, F.J., Eberle, R., Pollmacher, T., Schuld, A., Noachtar, S. Neurology (2003) [Pubmed]
  4. Increased muscle activity during rapid eye movement sleep correlates with decrease of striatal presynaptic dopamine transporters. IPT and IBZM SPECT imaging in subclinical and clinically manifest idiopathic REM sleep behavior disorder, Parkinson's disease, and controls. Eisensehr, I., Linke, R., Tatsch, K., Kharraz, B., Gildehaus, J.F., Wetter, C.T., Trenkwalder, C., Schwarz, J., Noachtar, S. Sleep (2003) [Pubmed]
  5. REM sleep behavior disorder in sleep-disordered patients with versus without Parkinson's disease: is there a need for polysomnography?. Eisensehr, I., v Lindeiner, H., Jäger, M., Noachtar, S. J. Neurol. Sci. (2001) [Pubmed]
  6. Absence of nystagmus during REM sleep in patients with vestibular neuritis. Eisensehr, I., Noachtar, S., Strupp, M., von Lindeiner, H., Brandt, T., Büttner, U. J. Neurol. Neurosurg. Psychiatr. (2001) [Pubmed]
  7. Normal IPT and IBZM SPECT in drug-naive and levodopa-treated idiopathic restless legs syndrome. Eisensehr, I., Wetter, T.C., Linke, R., Noachtar, S., von Lindeiner, H., Gildehaus, F.J., Trenkwalder, C., Tatsch, K. Neurology (2001) [Pubmed]
  8. Reduced striatal dopamine transporters in idiopathic rapid eye movement sleep behaviour disorder. Comparison with Parkinson's disease and controls. Eisensehr, I., Linke, R., Noachtar, S., Schwarz, J., Gildehaus, F.J., Tatsch, K. Brain (2000) [Pubmed]
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