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Chemical Compound Review

Silwet L 77     3-(2-methoxyethoxy)propyl- methyl...

Synonyms: LS-118184, AC1L52ZQ, 27306-78-1, 150266-49-2, 185116-92-1, ...
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Disease relevance of Silwet L 77

  • The labor-intensive vacuum infiltration process was eliminated in favor of simple dipping of developing floral tissues into a solution containing Agrobacterium tumefaciens, 5% sucrose and 500 microliters per litre of surfactant Silwet L-77 [1].
  • Acute and chronic toxicity of eight agricultural adjuvants (Bond, Kinetic, Plyac, R-11, Silwet L-77, Sylgard 309, X-77, and WaterMaxx) to Daphnia pulex were evaluated with 48-h acute lethal concentration estimates (LC50) and a 10-d population growth-rate measurement, the instantaneous rate of increase (r1) [2].


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