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Chemical Compound Review

DCNU     1-(2-chloroethyl)-1-nitroso- 3-(3,4,5,6...

Synonyms: CHEMBL363082, LS-7273, CHEBI:414199, NCI-178248, NSC-291322, ...
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High impact information on L-Chlorozotocin

  • There was no difference in the rate of removal of HN2-induced DNA-interstrand or DNA-protein cross-links or total CLZ-induced cross-links by the two cell lines, suggesting that differential repair was not relevant to the expression of resistance [1].

Anatomical context of L-Chlorozotocin

  • Both CLZ and CCNU induced low levels of DNA-protein cross-links in both cell lines, though higher in WR than WS [1].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of L-Chlorozotocin

  • CLZ induced low levels of DNA-interstrand cross-links, similar in WR and WS, but no DNA-interstrand cross-links could be detected in either cell line after treatment with CCNU [1].


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