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Chemical Compound Review

CHEMBL417844     N,N'-dibuta-2,3-dienylbutane- 1,4-diamine

Synonyms: ANW-53654, CPD-10696, CHEBI:140378, MDL72527, AK-38684, ...
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Disease relevance of MDL72527

  • In contrast, the combination of N(1), N(11)-diethylnorspermine with MDL72527 dramatically activated SSAT, causing profound depletion of pancreatic polyamines and acute pancreatitis [1].

High impact information on MDL72527

  • Administration of specific PAO inhibitor, MDL72527 [N(1),N(2)-bis(2,3-butadienyl)-1,4-butanediamine], however, did not affect the histological score of the pancreatitis [1].
  • This back-conversion was only partly inhibited by MDL72527, an inhibitor of polyamine oxidase [2].
  • The structure of PAO in complex with the inhibitor MDL72527 reveals the residues forming the catalytic machinery and unusual enzyme-inhibitor CH.O H bonds [3].
  • Three days after treatment, sucrase and maltase activity was higher in rats treated with spermine and MDL72527 than that in animals receiving spermine alone [4].


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