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  • In addition, expression in pancreas of the genes encoding the human protein and rat PAP showed similar characteristics: both were expressed at very low levels in control tissue and overexpressed during the acute phase of pancreatitis, contrary to most secretory products [32].
  • Hemin-activated macrophages home to the pancreas and protect from acute pancreatitis via heme oxygenase-1 induction [33].
  • The acidification of vacuoles seen in two different models of pancreatitis may be an important requirement for activation of trypsinogen by cathepsin B and thus for the development of acute pancreatitis [34].
  • In the ethanol-fed group, histologic studies by light microscopy showed absence of protein plugs in the pancreatic ducts and/or pancreatitis, but electron-microscopic evaluation revealed progressive accumulation of lipid droplets in acinar and ductal cells [35].
  • Neutrophils and NADPH oxidase mediate intrapancreatic trypsin activation in murine experimental acute pancreatitis [36].

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