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Chemical Compound Review

sulfasalazine     (3E)-6-oxo-3-[[4-(pyridin-2...

Synonyms: Sulphasalazine, Azulfidine EN, CHEMBL421, Sas-500, BSPBio_000479, ...
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Disease relevance of Asulfidine

  • Our findings suggest that UDCA rather than sulfasalazine could serve as an effective suppressing agent in colitis-related colon cancer development in mice [1].
  • Patients treated with EI using intraarticular corticosteroids followed by sulfasalazine therapy if resistant demonstrated reduced synovitis 12 months after treatment compared with those initially treated with more conservative therapy [2].

Gene context of Asulfidine

  • Nuclear factor-kappaB (NF-kappaB) signaling activity is associated with AXL expression and may play an important role in the enhancement of invasiveness and doxorubicin resistance, as shown by using the NF-kappaB inhibitor, sulfasalazine, and IkappaB dominant-negative transfectants [3].


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